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Friendship Square Moscow, Idaho (2009)

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Twelfth Night National Theatre, UK (2017) director: Simon Godwin in front: Phoebe Fox as Olivia wearing her "veil"

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Backstage at the Metropolitan Opera House New York NY MET in HD broadcasts pay for 50 high-school kids to see selected live opera broadcasts at Moscow Idaho;s Kenworthy Performing Arts Center.

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Sample Rejection by The New Yorker Rightron scribbled and scribbled to no avail until he just gave up (too soon?). Only fragments of these immortal works still clutter his files. Thousands of dross jottings do survive!

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Paul Cadmus (1904-1999) Two Boys on a Beach, #1 1938

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As You Like It Shakespeare's Globe (2009) Naomi Frederick as Rosalind (The Epilogue)

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